Soldiers of The American Revolution buried in The Riverside Cemetery Chemung, New York

Lt. Israel Parshall PA
Sgt. Daniel McDowell PA
Pvt. Abraham Brewer NY
Pvt. Thomas Keeney Conn
Pvt. Jacob Decker NY
Lt. Christopher Denn PA
Sgt. Alexander Murry NY
Pvt Elijah Griswold NY
Pvt. Samuel Beidleman PA
fifer Stephen Savy VT

All served in the Sullivan Expedition in 1779 and later settled in the Chemung Valley.

Erected 1941 Newtown Battle Chapter SAR.


The Newtown Battle Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, William J. Woodworth, President, have proposed the erection of a memorial marker for our progenitor, Stephen Savy, fifer, to be located at his gravesite at Riverside Cemetery, Chemung NY. We are most honored that Stephen's service to our country is to be recognized. Eden's Tree Genealogy is providing this page as a central source of news and information as the project progresses. Below you will find news items and jumps to various locations pertaining to this project and its principals.

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9/2005 - The project has begun!

Topics and Tidbits:

To all Stephen Savy descendents and interested parties:

Recently I was contacted by William J. Woodworth, President, Newtown Battle Chapter, SAR, concerning the placement of a government provided marker honoring Stephen Savy for his military service during the American Revolution. We are very much honored by this attention to our progenitor, and deeply grateful for his very kind offer. Note that the project is not entirely free, but that my sister, Donna Wereley Hale, daughter of Abbie Jane (Savey) Wereley, has offered to underwrite any moderate costs involved in setting the stone. Note also that we are stipulating that this should only be done if the original stone and other markers are left untouched...and if any historical artifacts must be sacrificed, we will place them in a durable place of honor (I doubt that anything will be changed, but just in case).

We can use the Rootsweb/Ancestry Savey forum to discuss the various aspects of the project. Additionally, I am placing a Stephen Savy Memorial Project page on Eden's Tree Genealogy ( to serve as a central point of information. Real time chat is available there,and I can make FTP services available if needed. Contact information for Mr. Woodworth is provided below, and I am always available at the address listed above under "Links and Announcements," at or simply here in this forum.


Bill Wereley
Savey Surname Forum Administrator

SAR contact:
William J. Woodworth, President
Newtown Battle Chapter, SAR

the communications:


I was researching some of the Revolutionary War Patriots buried in Riverside Cemetery (Chemung County, NY) and found Stephen Savy's gravesite. My curiosity was aroused when I found to small white tiles (?) and written on them were "Thank you grandpa". Would you happen to know who left these and if they would like to place a new gravestone in honor of their ancestor? The U.S. Government will issue a stone at no cost except for the placing of the stone in the cemetery which is usually whatever the cemetery association charges.

I would be honored to help with this matter if the descendants wish. Our Sons of the American Revolution Society Chapter was the organization that placed the large monument stone at the entrance of the cemetery which bears Stephen's name. If you know who the person or persons are who left the messages of thank you to their ancestor and they would like to contact me, I have listed my address information below.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter, I remain...

William J. Woodworth, President
Newtown Battle Chapter, SAR



The tombstone issued from the government would cost you nothing except for the cost of having the cemetery director set it. These stones are the same as are in the National Cemeteries for other veterans. I just replaced two (2) in Indiana for my 5th Generation Great Grandfather (Revolutionary War) and his son (War of 1812). There was no charge at all on my part and the community was happy to place the stones at no cost in honor of these veterans.

If your family would like, our SAR Chapter would consider it an honor to perform a formal dedication ceremony when installing the stone

I'll be in touch and if you need to contact me, free anytime.

My best,



I will check with the cemetery director as to costs and what, if anything, they would do with the existing marker. Usually, the new stone is placed beside, in front of, or in back of an existing stone. Only once have I heard of them (cemetery) removing an existing marker and then it was offered to the family.

I will obtain a cemetery marker form and contact you as to the type you would like to have for your ancestor (there are several types and materials). Also, I will need all the information you can provide as to Stephen's service (State of Service, Unit, Rank, birthdate and death date). I believe the information I have stated that he served with Gen. Sullivan's troops at one time? I will check to see what information I have and let you know, so we can "compare notes" to make sure we have the right information for the stone. Some or most of this information can be placed on the marker.

One last note, I will talk to our Chapter and see about having a dedication ceremony. I will contact you so that any of the descendants can attend if they are able. This is something we can discuss later at your convenience.

Take care and my best,


PS: Feel free to have any of the other descendants contact me if they so desire. You are more than welcome to give them my address information.


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